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A Cartoonist Self-Portrait Manifesto

I drew this last year for My Mirage, a body image zine.

Sunday with Shoulder Angel

This has been my state for the past few weeks. I’m sure none of you can relate. 🙂 By the way, if you haven’t checked out Lucy Bellwood’s comics, give them a look; they’re great!

I FELT prepared…

All the planning and observing and thinking go out the window when you’re behind your own table for the first time. That said, I had such a great time! By the way, that’s Spike waving to me in Panel 3. I highly recommend her webcomic Templar, Arizona.

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People are so much less recognizable than their comic-counterparts.

This happens to me approximately twice a con. In this case, the cartoonist is Julia Wertz, who you’ve probably already read, but if you haven’t, you should.

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Cartoonists know how to party, I’m just sayin’

On Friday night, I went to the APE Exhibitor Mixer hosted by Last Gasp. I felt so legit, finally picking up exhibitor badges for French Toast Comix! Then I followed the party-sounds into the most eclectically-decorated room of my life: WWII-era posters and original comic art, pinball machines and yellowing circus-freak photos, a shelf full […]

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The source of this convention-wisdom is GB Tran, who I met at Bergen Street Comics. Don’t you love when someone’s off-handed comment or advice slightly changes your comics for the better? It seems to happen more often at cons than in real life. Do check out GB’s comics! We’re all excited for his upcoming graphic […]

Best Evening E-VER

First of all, come find me at APE this weekend! That’s right, French Toast Comix is making its table-debut. I’ll be at booth 137B, which is easy to find:  It’s exactly as far away from the entrance as possible. Woo-hoo! I’m leaving for San Francisco tomorrow. I’ve never spent so much time around cartoonists–classes, apartments, […]

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It Happens

I had a lot of fun with this strip. It started as the usual 6-panel grid in my sketchbook; then I remembered that an online comic isn’t limited by paper size. On a separate page, I drew the kitchen timers and ticking sound effects. I also redrew one panel, which I almost never do, to […]

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I’m Ba-a-ack!

I’m back in New York, after signing off the ship on Friday in Vancouver, meeting up with ship-friends for some mid-morning sketchy bowling and lunch, hauling ass to the airport for 10 hours of travel, getting picked up Saturday morning to travel to central PA with my aunt and uncle, visiting with my parents and baby […]