Happy HourBuffalo, Just Before the DownpourMarket Street, PittsburghThe Coolest House in Aukland, New ZealandWhite River Junction #1White River Junction #2White River Junction #3>Sunbathing in the Lobby2012.12.08 Whats TempehModaks Espresso, Dunedin, New ZealandJanaBegg Lane, SydneyBike-related things I'm thankful for, in time for Thanksgiving. A fun-loving Shoulder Angel, a scenic commute, soft landings ("as long as you and your lunch are okay!") and friendly destinations.A Sunday with Becky and Shoulder Angel. Shoulder Angel is freaking out about failure: career, love life, cartooning... Becky takes Shoulder Angel on a bike ride until she drops off to sleep and finally, Becky can get some work done!8-year-old Becky goes to an art museum with her New York aunt and uncle, and is simultaneously inspired and discouraged by the polished artwork on the walls. At a Velasquez painting she exclaims "He's better than me!" She finally takes it as a challenge, and copies the painting, optimistically titling it "Portret by Famus Artest Age 8."Office DespotA nod to Lynda Barry's "100 Demons," Becky and a friend sit at a table "Comparing Inner Demons Over Coffee And Scones."Cartoon-Becky gets a TV-style makeover from Periscope Studio in "What Not To Draw!"Shoulder Angel reminds Becky that it's Erev Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. They debate with each other over their identity as "a model intellectual nonpracticing European Jew," and end up apple-picking with her friend's cousin's ex-girlfriend's friend's bridal party.Becky is staying late at the studio. Shoulder Angel pops up and reminds her that she's leaving an empty office building in the middle of the night, and then starts listing famous serial killers, just as a point of interest.Becky gets a call from an ex-girlfriend in Canada. They chat about work, and the ex reveals that she is showing Becky an exciting new way to make money online!The true story of how a group of hippie friends stole a cow statue in Madrid, carried it to a fifth-floor walkup, and put it in their friend's bed.The story of how Becky drove like a dumbass in St. Maarten, Dutch Antilles. While working on a cruise ship, she goes quad-biking with some friends. After five minutes on the road, she skids off the road, over some rocks and into a tree-cactus. It's funnier than it sounds.The caption reads: Tearjerkers make bad in-flight movies. A young woman is sitting in an airplane seat, surrounded by tissues. Her seatmates--obviously strangers--look on worriedly.Ls House 2010-12-24-12.06.10