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Ship Sketches

I did a lot of surreptitious figure-drawing this cruise, especially in the cafe. The guests get all mesmerized when Jana sings, so I didn’t have to worry about them moving. 🙂

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Aussie Buildings

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Sydney Overnight

I’m soooo happy with the picture on the top. This is right at the entrance to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is gorgeous for both daytime and late-night walking. The sun was going down (and the biting bugs were coming out) while I drew it. Not much of a sunset (very cloudy), but at least […]

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Postcards from New Zealand

1. An Irish Pub in Dunedin (sounds like Dunn-EE-din). There’s one in every port! 2. View from deck 14, docked in Bay of Islands. 3. Walking up Mt. Maunganui… I may have possibly spelled that right… or not…

Quick sketch, done in darkened bar

So, every Sunday night is live-band karaoke at Kenny’s Castaways. And if you can, you should go!

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