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Final Sydney

And then it was seven sea days, four Polynesian islands, and five more sea days till Hawaii! Stay tuned for some stir-crazy sketchbook entries… And now ‘scuse me, it’s time to celebrate Hawaiian wifi by Skyping with the fam!

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More Postcards from Australia/New Zealand

Greetings from Sydney! It’s a gorgeous afternoon, and I’ve walked from the opera house to Oxford Street, a place for cute shops and rainbow flags. That’s where I found Ampersand, a cafe with English breakfast, coffee to die for, internet, and three floors of used books! T-minus 4 hours till we start the crossing from […]

A Natury Moment in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens

The coolest thing about being in Australia–besides the consistent availability of great coffee–is the wildlife. I haven’t been to any nature reserves, but all the cities we’ve been to have parks and botanic gardens. Even on a regular city street, the trees have crazy shapes, and the bird noises coming from them remind me of […]

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Ship Moments

Sydney Overnight

I’m soooo happy with the picture on the top. This is right at the entrance to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is gorgeous for both daytime and late-night walking. The sun was going down (and the biting bugs were coming out) while I drew it. Not much of a sunset (very cloudy), but at least […]

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First Day in Sydney

Remember that movie musical “On the Town,” where the three sailors get off the ship in New York and manage to hit every major tourist attraction, go bar-hopping, and fall in love in a day? Yeah, that’s not real. I did walk my ass off, take tons of pictures with my friend Ivy (far right), […]

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Sydney Opera House

This is how I got totally burned my first day in Australia. Since then, I’ve been indoors: at sea the first day, and then at training all morning, and now in the Seaman’s Center in Tasmania. People are playing pool, Skyping home or downloading movies for later. The fire/safety training happens every contract. Of course, […]