Copious Time to Myself

Copious Time to Myself

This is the first cartoon I’ve colored on the computer. I’m not sure whether to be proud of this, or mildly embarrassed by the results. I was figuring out, the generic Photoshop on my computer, as I went along; plus I don’t have a mouse, so I got a whole lot of this stuff happening:

It’s been frustrating, but with seven sea days in the next 2 weeks, and Liz back home in New Jersey, I kinda have nothing better to do than catch up on journal comics and mess around on the computer. It’s nice to spend time with Cartoon-Liz, in between emails from real-Liz…

Today we went through the Panama canal. We just passed the city skyline, which I missed because I was on my computer like a dipshit. I woke up at 7am to watch our ship go through the first lock, then cartooned in the cafe all day while taking repetetive pictures of locks, trucks, trees and muddy water. The only things I missed seeing were the Panama skyline, and our sister ship, the Infinity. My timing, I swear…
The biggest surprise for me, besides the intensity of the heat, was the strong scent of plant life in the air. It varied between fresh-cut grass, mossy rocks and the heavy exotic floral stuff you find in greenhouses. I noticed that the other day in Colombia, too. I almost couldn’t convince myself I was outdoors, the air was so heavy and full.

I did get some cool pictures, which I will upload soon.

Off the subject, they serve little random snacks in the guest cafe, so in between cartooning-sessions I was eating almond pastries and shrimp/avocado/honey mustard finger sandwiches…Gawd I love food! I haven’t seen those sandwiches before; I hope they turn up again soon…

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April 20th, 2010

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