So, this is the famous White River Junction…

So, this is the famous White River Junction…

After hearing so much about the Center for Cartoon Studies, I finally got to their week-long Cartooning Studio this summer!

Here are a couple paintings I did between classes:

1. View from a parking lot

2. An ill-advised bike ride (detailed comic to follow!)

3. View from the Telegraph Studio, where I spent much time

4. A heartbreaking old building near the train station. It used to be a cafe, ice cream shop, and probably a couple apartments.
Now it’s got foundation-problems, no roof, and broken windows, and is home to a dead pigeon.


These are a couple weeks old, but in the last month, I’ve traveled from Amsterdam to New York to Vermont to Massachusetts to New York to Pittsburgh to Portland, by plane, bus and Amtrak train! I landed in Portland yesterday, so hopefully updates will be MUCH MORE REGULAR for awhile!

August 25th, 2011

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