I couldn’t make these guests up! Pg. 1/2

I couldn’t make these guests up! Pg. 1/2

Sorry about the image quality here. My faithful scanner is busted and won’t do color, so I took digital photos.

I’m posting this from LeHavre, France, in the cozy/funky “Black Cafe.”

This cartoon is a couple weeks old, but I haven’t had the time or the bandwidth to post anything! We’re almost done with a transatlantic cruise, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Here is the cruise so far, in numbers:

9 sea days, plus 2 near-nonexistent port days
6 hours forward
3 musicians fired in 7 days
6 days with no pianist

1 dancer injured during a show
1 new cast of singers, dancers and acrobats being installed on the ship
1 cartoon that pissed off the new cast & got taken off the callboard
2 deaths in the family for the AV department
1 day in Paris canceled due to a 1pm rehearsal
1 cruise director, 1 cast, 1 production manager, 1 string quartet, 1 trombonist, and 1 bike-buddy signing off in 2 days!

And I’m probably missing a few. I know these range from the tragic to the merely irritating; I mean no disrespect by lumping them in one list. It’s just been nuts. Every day for two weeks I wake up thinking that things are finally back to what passes for normal here. But no.

The little things make up for it, though. Venting with friends, dancing in the crew bar on Indian night…Hmm… I may have to illustrate this, cause the words are all coming out cheesy…

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May 20th, 2011

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