In Short…

It’s been a very exciting couple of months!

After MoCCA I stayed in New York all summer, caught some of the CLBDF’s “Conversational Comics” panels and played an opera with the One World Symphony.  In August I spent five weeks on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, filling in for their regular sax player. The month after that included a close friend’s wedding, high holidays with the fam,  my latest minicomic, SPX, a trip to New York, a cabaret-style show of my musical-theater friends’ songs, and a coupla events at Bergen Street Comics. Then I packed for a seven-month ship contract, got on a plane, and here I am in the Caribbean for the winter.

Which is all to say, I haven’t updated this site in forever, but gimme a minute, and I’ll upload my comics from this summer, and begin regularly posting journal comix on this site!

Thanks for checking in!

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