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Congrats, Drew and Tara!

The more weddings I attend as a “grown-up,” the more I’m convinced that “Four Weddings and a Funeral” is a documentary. I even had the car that only goes 40 miles and hour!

Home with the Fam

It WAS a really attractive breakfast… …complete with dinged-up heirloom vintage camping dishes.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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Rooftops and Travel

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Bye for now, Pittsburgh!

I’m writing this right before I board a train for Portland, Oregon, where I’m totally excited to intern with Periscope Studio for a couple months!   These are some sketches I did last night. I caught up with an old friend, Luci, who was playing bluegrass/Irish fiddle/top 40/misc. for a graduation party in a Pittsburgh […]

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Finally some Pittsburgh-buildings!

My first attempt at drawing buildings with a Pentel brush pen. This is a street in East Liberty that I’d only seen from a car window. When I accompanied my friend Scheiny to the Femme Show, I had a minute to chill on South Highland Ave. and check out some of the old buildings. (This […]

WTF, Everybody is GORGEOUS!

I’ve been staring at this screen for awhile (3 false starts, exactly), wondering how to articulate how I felt at The Femme Show. It was like being a bit character in Dykes to Watch Out For. It was like fresh air when you’ve been in an office all day. It was like venting, with a […]

The Femme Show

This was one of many sketches I did during The Femme Show, which…I’m not sure I can describe. Technically it was “an evening of performances, readings, burlesque, and other goodness at The Shadow Lounge,” but that doesn’t do it justice. Off the subject, how many times can a person apologize for allowing lengthy time lapses […]

Free Jazz Downtown

Eating Well in Pittsburgh

In case you’re in Pittsburgh and are curious, this comic features Oh Yeah! ice cream, Sushi Too, and the Coffee Tree. All within walking distance of each other, by the way.

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