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Shoulder Angel in Tauranga

Jana Singing in the Cafe

If you’re a fan of pree-ty voices and guitar, this is Jana Seale. She sings on the ship, and it’s a lucky day when the cafe isn’t too crowded with guests to sit and listen.

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Flat White

This is yet another stop on my cafe-tour of Australia/New Zealand: Enigma, in the windy city of Wellington. A lot of these ports are repeats from my first ship contract in 2008, and I’m happy to report that Enigma, Modak’s Espresso (Dunedin), eighty-eight (Mt. Maunganui) and the strawberry alarmclock (Aukland) are all still here. Our […]

The Hungarian Pastry Shop

I discovered this tasty cafe in the Zinester’s Guide to New York City. (Quick plug: Check out the Zinester’s Guide to New York City! It’s a fabulous travel guide for cheap eats, museums, parks and interesting local thingies! Filled with illustrations, cartoons and maps by such NY-based zine-makers as Adam Suerte, Fly, Cristy C. Road, […]

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The Familiar Things

This is me at Polly’s, a food/coffee/internet cafe in St. Croix. It’s a favorite spot for the entertainment department, myself included, but I realized at some point that Polly’s wouldn’t look too out of place in any coastal city in the U.S. There are bags of organic coffee and handmade crafts for sale, wraps and […]

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Penultimate San Juan

I just found a BEAUTIFUL new place for coffee and internet through the ship-musician grapevine. I’m in an open square with tons of benches and a few tables surrounding a coffee stand. People stroll by constantly: couples, families and friends, people with laptops, strollers and dogs. The weather is cloudy and cool, at least for […]

Almost done with the Caribbean…

La Bombonera is one of my favorite spots to eat in San Juan. A Puerto Rican guest showed it to me on my first Caribbean contract. (Then, months later, back home in Pittsburgh, I saw the familiar storefront in Tom Beland‘s auto-bio comic, “True Story, Swear to God”! His wife and in-laws were taking him there for a […]