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Free Jazz Downtown

Before & After

The ballpoint-pen sketch is from a train trip to New York. We got stopped by freight traffic before we were all the way out of Pittsburgh, so I sketched the view out the window. I liked the clutter of buildings and trees and wires, and the challenge of making it all intelligible when I redrew […]

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Alaskan buildings

The top one is the back of a shop in the verrry gold rush-style Skagway, Alaska, and the bottom ones are houses in Juneau. It was so refreshing to draw these after spending days on the New Orleans comic, where I’m drawing everything from digital photos and a year-old script. Drawing buildings on-site was one […]

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Penultimate San Juan

I just found a BEAUTIFUL new place for coffee and internet through the ship-musician grapevine. I’m in an open square with tons of benches and a few tables surrounding a coffee stand. People stroll by constantly: couples, families and friends, people with laptops, strollers and dogs. The weather is cloudy and cool, at least for […]