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Ship Moments

First Day in Sydney

Remember that movie musical “On the Town,” where the three sailors get off the ship in New York and manage to hit every major tourist attraction, go bar-hopping, and fall in love in a day? Yeah, that’s not real. I did walk my ass off, take tons of pictures with my friend Ivy (far right), […]

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Coffee-Quest in Dunedin

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Postcards from New Zealand

1. An Irish Pub in Dunedin (sounds like Dunn-EE-din). There’s one in every port! 2. View from deck 14, docked in Bay of Islands. 3. Walking up Mt. Maunganui… I may have possibly spelled that right… or not…

Sydney Opera House

This is how I got totally burned my first day in Australia. Since then, I’ve been indoors: at sea the first day, and then at training all morning, and now in the Seaman’s Center in Tasmania. People are playing pool, Skyping home or downloading movies for later. The fire/safety training happens every contract. Of course, […]

Seattle Watercolors

I just got back from visiting my friend Eva in Seattle. Over the weekend, we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island with sketchbooks in tow. I’ve been to Seattle a few times, but I’ve never seen it this late in the fall. It was gorgeous! Eva is a pretty awesome ceramic artist, as well, and […]

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Brunch with some Predecessors

Okay, so I didn’t actually have Aline Kominsky Crumb, Alison Bechdel and Lynda Barry in my kitchen. I read a book called Graphic Women, which I got from the Portland library. I thought it was going to be a collection of autobio comics–they also had chapters on Marjane Satrapi and Phoebe Gloeckner–but it was actually […]

SE Hawthorne, on the way to the studio

I’ve never looked that much like a billboard before! I guess Portland has enough Becky-approximations to form a niche market… The “I Believe in You” graffiti is a fun coincidence, isn’t it?

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So, this is the famous White River Junction…

After hearing so much about the Center for Cartoon Studies, I finally got to their week-long Cartooning Studio this summer! Here are a couple paintings I did between classes: 1. View from a parking lot 2. An ill-advised bike ride (detailed comic to follow!) 3. View from the Telegraph Studio, where I spent much time […]

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No Wanna Leave Baltic!

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